In Production

Bun Butter Jam

Comedy · Drama · Romance

When Chandru breaks up with his girlfriend for unnecessary reasons, he bumps into Madhu who becomes his bestie and shows him the meaning of love and life. But what Chandru does not know is, there is a master plan behind all of this to make his new love succeed. Will he find out?


Released 2022

Think & Dare

Heist · Action · Thriller

After a heist job by Madhan and gang to rob precious cargo goes awry, he is under pressure to deliver the loot to his overlords. Things begin to get complicated when Kathir appears and finally reveals what really happened that day.

In Development


Religion · Faith · Spirituality · ProLife · Drama · Family

An old man suffering from Alzheimer miraculously regains some of his lost memory when his Son and grand daughter visits him at the hospital. After they leave, he recollects and reveals what happened during his fatherhood as he was trying to solve a mystery that tormented him.

Parallel Reincarnation

Sci-fi · Time Travel · Parallel Universe · Suspenseful · Thriller

A NASA Scientist from Asia is willing to tear a hole in time and space to reclaim the life he had lost. Can he stand up to the consequences?

The Benni Card

Sports · BioPic · Family · Motivational

A small colored boy from the countryside of Cape Town, escapes the local world of gang violence and drug trafficking, dribbles his way through the local football team to achieve in some sense unparalleled heights for a career as an outstanding professional striker celebrated whose in accolades that includes many firsts.


Post Apocalyptic · Faith · Action · Adventure

In the year 2099 AD, after many world wars and conflicts, humans enter a post apocalyptic era where they find themselves separated as different cults in primitive form of settlements. With limited resources and a new regulations to share them, they discover an imminent danger that will destroy the planet. When it is about time, a teen couple encounters a surprising unidentified aerial phenomenon and finds their fate.


Released 2016

Dark Clouds


Who's Got Da Balls

Rain of Arrows Theme

It's Just The Beginning I

It's Just The Beginning II

Spirit Of Tamil


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